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The Challenge of

Developing Products

If you’ve ever tried to develop a product, then put it through to manufacturing overseas, then you know it can be a living nightmare.

The traditional path toward launching new products involves a complicated web of consultants: fashion designers, sample makers, pattern makers, material suppliers and, hopefully, finally a manufacturer. Miscommunication and frustration is the norm and the results of the long process are often disappointing. If you’re like most people, it can take months, even years, to put all the pieces into place.

Fortunately, there’s now a better way…

Shree Tej solves the logistical nightmare of launching new fashion products with our innovative, streamlined process. We bridge the gaps of language, culture & working style to get you the results you need, quickly and efficiently.

Shree Tej brings together all the services any fashion label needs, in one convenient workflow. Best of all, your products will be manufactured with the highest quality and ethical standards.


Customer Reviews

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A faster Time-to-Market (TTM) means that you're already selling while your competition is still stuck in development

These days consumer buying habits and fast-moving trends demand fast timelines. “Fast fashion” is a reflection of consumers’ demands for products that reflect rapidly changing trends, shorter product lifespans and aggressive timelines for product development. Concerns about time to market speed take the top spot, with 56% of fashion labels reported that reducing their time to market is a top priority.

Big players are slow to react. They have big, capable internal teams and capabilities, but they can’t compete with faster, leaner teams. We replicate the tools and techniques of a big company, but we service the needs of smaller labels, giving them the speed advantage.
Manufacturing Services You design it, we deliver it!

We are one of the leading manufacturing, buying and exporting houses in India. Having recognized the difficulties faced by international importers in perceiving the super-fine quality apparels with the minimum costs, Shree Tej has begun to help them in offering the apparels with the expected quality and cost range to the international customers.

Our team is efficient in providing satisfactory services to our international buyers.

We Design For You

With over 10 Apparel and Clothing designers across Shree Tej. the design is at the heart of everything  we do Using inspiration and processes that hold trend, style and quality at the forefront, our team creates in-house showroom collection considering everything from the catwalk to street style and current market trends.

We Design With You patterns for your clothing.

We can also help interpret your vision. Taking your ideas and inspiration, whether this is colour palettes, mood boards, sketching, CAD design, or key items, however much you want to get involved, our design team can work closely with your team to bring your ideas to life.

Whatever the need, we have a solution.

Shree Tej offers a wide variety of solutions to accommodate businesses and brands from biggest to the smallest. From promotional merch to custom apparel, you'll find what you need right here.

The 4 Main Types of Fashion Products
Apparel Manufacturing
This is for professionals who have a fully-developed product ready to put into manufacturing. Free quotes for qualified inquiries.
Fashion Product Development
If you're looking to develop and launch a new fashion product, you've come to the right place. From design to sample, our digital process is faster and more affordable than ever before.


Contract Manufecturing

Fashion Merch For Businesses
Businesses and organizations outside the fashion industry will love our unique approach and high quality merch and promotional products.


We will turn your clothing idea into a reality, ethically!

We are not only an ethical clothing manufacturer for existing clothing brands but for new startups as well. We are as excited about small unique clothing ideas as we are for the big clothing brands around the world. We help them grow and create amazing identity.