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Private Label Clothing

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in India

Shree Tej is a leading private label clothing manufacturer in India that manufactures for Private Label Apparel Brands around the world. Our product ranges includes men’s clothing & women’s clothing.

Private label begins with ready-made garments and ends with applying all the branding tasks like printing, embroidery, labelling, adding hangtags and more.

White label begins and ends with the delivery of ready-made unlabelled garments.

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Anyone can build a Succssful fashion Brand

Whether you’re an experienced fashion designer, an online marketer or an entrepreneur, Shree Tej can help you be successful launching your own private label fashion brand. Private label allows you to create and launch a fashion brand with a minimal upfront investment.

If you’re new to the fashion industry, you’ll want to read on. This article contains some great information that will help you, regardless of exactly what type of brand you’re creating.

If you’re a seasoned pro and you’re ready to move forward, you may want to skip this part and contact us straight away.

Fashion Startup
If you’re just starting out in the fashion business and need an ethical manufacturing partner to grow with you, you’ve come to the right place! We know what it’s like when you’re just starting out. We offer the following support: 1.Smaller production quantities while you get your business established. 2. Apparel design and manufacturing experience.
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Fair Trade Brand
Well-known Fair Trade apparel brands have relied on us for their manufacturing needs since 2001. We’ve matured and grown in these partnerships. You too can benefit from the experience and ever-expanding range of services we offer. In the tradition of Fair Trade, we look to invest in long-term partnerships that provide stability and a platform for both parties to grow. Your success is our success.
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Mainstream Brands
We don’t just supply traditional Fair Trade businesses. We already service large brands in Europe with our world-class apparel manufacturing services backed by a full-service design and production team.
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The 4 Main Types of Fashion Products
Private Label Apparel
Private Label clothing is a little bit of both worlds. It starts with our White Label designs, but allows you to make edits to the designs substantial enough to make them truly unique to your brand.
White Label Apparel
White Label Clothing is a perfect solution for many online marketers who are looking for unique, high-quality goods for easy sale online. White label saves you time and money.
Wholesale Apparel

Wholesale Apperal is the option of buying an established brand in bulk for the purpose of reselling them online or in a brick & mortar retail shop. For many retailers, this is standard practice and it has clear advantages.


Custom Apparel

Custom Apperal is the only solution for fully custom swimwear, designed either by you or by us. This path may be a much bigger investment of course, but at the end of the process, you’ll have a product that nobody else has.

A selection of private label clothing


Different Types Of

Private label Clothing


More Style


More Style

T - Shirts

More Style

Women Pants

More Style


Product Development Process

The traditional way to develop a fashion product involves lots of people and lots of steps. You’d need a designer, a pattern maker, a sample maker, and if all goes well you’d end up searching for a manufacturer. Each link in the chain doesn’t always fit neatly with the next, leading to inaccuracy and inefficiency. With Black Label by Prototype, we provide every link in the supply chain, providing you with a truly “one-stop” resource for fashion product development services.

Everyone’s favorite bit. The design stage is where the creativity flows and is not yet limited by practical realities. 

During this stage, we work up a design brief that will help the pattern maker with accomplish the goals of the design, as well as select the fabrics, colors and artwork.



Always wanted to be your very own fashion label? Don’t know where to start?
Have a design in mind yet do not have the resources? Fret not! Apparel Empire provides an one-stop private label customization at your control.

What Is Coverd Under Your Private Label


We understand that as a private label owner, you might require certain unique material for production. Our sourcing house can match the materials and accessories needed for your collection. Convenience at its best!


Apparel Empire offers a minimum order quantity starting from as small as 100 pieces per style to as much as one needs. Order quantity lower than 100 pieces are accepted based on the capacity of our production house.


We provide free sampling before mass production of your private label collection. Cost will be waived off upon confirmation of order. This is to ensure the accuracy of the mass production, protecting both the client and Apparel Empire.


By having our solely owned factory with an excellent location in a manufacturing ecosystem, it is easier for us to access better resources from a wider range of material selection. Thus, our quotations never fail to surprise the clients and bring profitability to their business.


As we value you as a customer, we respect all your design work. Before you reveal design or any confidential information to us, a non disclosure agreement can be signed on our end in order to create a legal obligation to privacy; thus keeping your information top-secret or secured.


We understand that quality is always our clients’ primary concern. Other than ensuring product quality, we take strong measures for inspecting the fabrics or accessories before the beginning of the production. Test report can also be submitted upon request and we openly welcome our client-appointed 3rd party testing centers, if they prefer.

Questions & Answers

How do private label products work?

When you private label a product you are buying the rights to resell a product that a manufacturer has developed. In most cases, the basic “building blocks” of the product can’t be altered, such as the essential specs, patterns or dimensions. The features that you are able to change are controlled by the manufacturer. With private label clothing, for example, you might be to change the location of a pocket but not the size of the pocket itself.


What's the difference between a private label and a brand?

Private label is upstream of a “brand”. Once the brand has selected the configuration of the product, and their own tags and labels are applied, it becomes the property of the brand. Then, it’s on-sold direct-to-consumer or to a wholesaler. Very rarely is a private label item sold directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer.


What is an example of a private label brand?

Truthfully, private label is EVERYWHERE now. Most large retail chains, like H&M for example, sell private label clothing that was developed by a manufacturer. The designs are then proposed to the buyers. The buyers from the big retailers simply view the product catalog and make their selections with whatever brand-specific modifications they may require.

A very common example is in the supermarket. You’ll often see a “house brand” food item next to the brand name item. The house label is typically cheaper and “compares to” the name brand. In Costco, for example, you’ll see Kirkland Signature items on nearly every shelf. Those are private label goods that have been sourced from private label manufacturers.

Is private label profitable?

Private label products can be very profitable, yes. Particularly in the case where a company does not have the infrastructure to independently develop every product it sells, it makes sense to use private label designs to fill out your product offerings and provide you with more variety to sell. If you’re able to mark up those products and make your cut without having to bear all the development costs, then private label is definitely a profitable option for any business.


It's Your Name on the Label, and Our Expertise on the Inside.

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Benefits of Private Label Clothing

Developing new fashion products is always a big decision. Consider the following if you’re deciding whether or not private label apparel is a good fit for your brand.



What Can Be Customized With Private Label?

With private label clothing, you’ll be able to make selections such as a choice of fabrics, prints, or even supplying your own print. You may also be able to make certain design decisions such as the type of collar, button or zipper selection, placement of pockets or other design features.

Private Label differs from White Label in that there is a wider selection of customization options. A good way to think about it is that white label products would typically be something that could be ready-made and simply have your branding applied and sent to you. With private labeling, however, all the products are made-to-order.

In fashion, private label products can often be customized in the following ways…


Choose From Wide Variety Of Fabrics


Select From Available Colors Or Custom Prints. Custom Dye Sometimes Available.


Select From Various Findings And Finish Options: Zippers, Buttons, Etc.


Customize Key Measurements, Such As Neck Opening, Sleeve Length, Etc


Select Location Of Branding, Logo And Other Print & Embroidery Options


Private Label Clothing Process

Private label apparel is the perfect happy medium for many well-established fashion brands or startups that require a high level of uniqueness in their product lineup. it’s better in terms of pricing, complexity and uniqueness of design.





Learn More About Private Label Clothing

Choose the Design

T – Shirts

Polo Shirts

Knit Sweater

Sweatshirts & Hoodies


Sweat Pants

How to choose the right fabric for you

Correct fabric selection is the key to making high quality garments.

If you want to make a comfortable, durable garment that meets your design requirements, you need to understand the different types and textures of fabrics and choose the right one for your garment based on its purpose, style and appearance requirements.

We will help you how to choose the right fabric for you, providing you with a comprehensive guide to fabric selection in terms of fabric types, characteristics, quality and care. Whether you are a garment making enthusiast or a designer, we can make satisfactory garments according to your needs.


Adding personality to garments is an essential part of the fashion industry.

There are many different ways to add personality to a garment, including embroidery, printing, pleating, and beading. These techniques allow designers to create unique and eye-catching designs that reflect the wearer’s personality and style.

Whether you are looking to create a bold statement piece or add subtle details to a garment, these techniques can help you achieve the look you desire.

By experimenting with different techniques and materials, you can add your own personal touch to any garment and create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Finding the right size is essential to a perfectly tailored garment.

To ensure accurate measurements, we recommend following the measurement guidelines on the right to measure your body measurements. By doing so, you will ensure that your custom-made garment fits comfortably and slims the body shape.

At our clothing manufacturing company, we prioritize accuracy and quality. A team of skilled tailors will sew your garment to the measurements you provide, so if you have any sizing questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team and we will assist you.

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We helps you to put your own unique stamp on a product, making it uniquely your own, without the hassle and expense of developing your own fully custom product. However, you have to be careful about where you purchase your goods. Private label products can appear deceiving online. If you’ve been through the process elsewhere before, then you know how incredibly frustrating the process can be! 

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Our team of fashion experts hails from around the globe. All this experience becomes your competitive advantage when working with Shree Tej.

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All of our products are available only right here. We design and develop our products specifically to meet the needs of our discerning clients.