We place our expertise and professionalism at the service of our clients high fashion requirements.

As a contract manufacturer of women’s & men’s apparel, Shree Tej represents a perfect synthesis of made in india and technological innovations for the creative and garments imeccable quality and finesse.

From the moment we receive your quote request to the delivery of your collections.

Concept To Production



If you have a concept in mind, Shree Tej team of experienced designers work with you to bring that idea into reality. Whatever the application – whether you need sketching, sampling, or just consultation – Shree Tej will make sure your problem is solved efficiently.



Shree Tej's experienced pattern makers are adept in artful, functional designs. Shree Tej provides whatever you need to jumpstart projects, including sketching, blocking, reference sampling, and tech packs. Additionally, CAD capabilities get you digital files, pattern plots, and markers for your product.



Shree Tej offers a variety of sample types (prototype, fit, sew-by, etc.) and engineers the one that best suits your application. Technical specialists further provide insight on ways to improve the pattern, fabric use, and overall functionality of the product.



Shree Tej design process takes you from early development to full, scalable production by preparing a bill of materials and yields, making it easier to provide the proper markers and specs for your product line. Decades of industry experience give you insight into exactly what your design needs to get a positive market reaction.



A world-class apparel design and development team is supported by Shree Tej 10,000 sq. ft. production facility with over 500 sewing machines, automated cutting services, and a Berry-compliant supply chain. This allows your project to be produced by the very same people who helped to develop it.



Shree Tej auxiliary services make sure all the tools are in place to enter full-scale production. Automated cutting, stitch prototyping, fabric variety, trim selection, and full tech pack development, all working together to ensure your design is functional and reproducible.

Shree Tej Impex

Vertically Integrated

We provide full control, and visibility, over your entire supply chain – lowering costs, and providing goods on time.

From start to finish, we do the heavy lifting

A team of specialists within each department allows us to have the tools and processes in place to guarantee your branded mercahndise program runs smoothly.



We help interpret your vision. Taking ideas from your perspective and turning it into reality.



We have developed an extensive system of research and development to help us evolve with the changing trends.

Complete product development has always been at the core of process. Our team of designers through in-depth research and trend-spotting, develop complete lines for our customers – from style conceptualization to sourcing and creating new fabric and trims, to offering the latest garment treatments and finishes as well as developing graphics for various techniques of prints and embroideries, specific to each customers’ unique look and requirement. The best way to source better is to reduce waste and design it out of the products from the start. Each product and process is a result of extensive research on sustainability and new technology. The range of products covers shirts, bottoms, dresses, jackets, jumpsuits and other ready-to-wear apparel for both men & women.


Research focused sourcing & prototyping for each customer.

Rethinking how we produce our garments and use our raw material requires creativity. It also needs a step-change in both mindset and approach. Prototyping plays an important role as the samples are designed with an orientation to feasibility for bulk production and development is based on customer price points. Shree Tej has an in-house sampling unit with dedicated teams working on research-focused development for each customer. Our development and technical teams pay close attention to client requirements and add value to the whole process right at the beginning.


We make clothes

that matter.

If we can change how we design for a better world, maybe we can change everything. From design to delivery and every step in between operating on global scale, Shree Tej is committed to adjusting to a Dynamic and evolving marketplace. This means embracing new technology and innovations that couple safer, more efficient manufacturing Process with the company standards for the highest quality Product .



Fabric sourcing is crucial to our operation. While keeping the widest range of options open, we pay careful attention when controlling costs, quality and lead times, in order to guarantee efficient sampling and bulk production phases.

Every individual component is sourced according to the Client’s specifications, price range, quality, etc.

All the cutting – manual and automatic – takes place internally in one of our factory.
Precision is guaranteed both by the skilled experience of our staff as well as by the machinery technology that we continuously update.

All labeling and packaging can be individually customized in each production order.
Packaging can be done using our Client´s logo and respecting their brand identity requirements.

In order to assure that Clients have the right Quality delivered to them, a last coordinated effort is carried out by both our Quality Control and Labeling & Packaging Departments.

All the sewing stages are done internally in one of our factories.
Each of our factories has a skilled and sizeable Sewing Department with large scale production capacity.
In this way we guarantee that the work is done to the highest standards, ours and our Client´s, and we lose no time in outsourcing or subcontracting.

Quality Control

implemented in all stages of production

In order to comply with the Highest Quality Standards and our Clients specifications, We  implemented a QC protocol with procedures that include all production stages.
Towards the end of each production stage a quality control inspection takes place. A final inspection is completed during the labelling and packaging stage.
Quality production is what sets us apart, therefore important steps and procedures are not missed out.

Logistics and Supply Chain

implemented in all stages of production

We have partnered with the best Logistic solutions providers to handle and deliver your production orders.
According to the destination, urgency, costs and other criteria, we select the best logistics partner to transport and deliver your garments.

Why Us?

Menswear & womenswear clothes & fully finished fabrics.

We are a custom made clothing manufacturer and exporter in all kinds of categories for men & women. A full-service one stop solution from pattern making to door delivery.

All our finished garments are appreciated for tear resistance, fine stitching, shrinkage resistance, colour fastness and other required conditions.

Removing any kind of budget barrier, we have set competitive prices for our products. We are always in a quest for making cost effective special quality Products.


We will turn your clothing idea into a reality, ehically!

We are not only an ethical clothing manufacturer for existing clothing brands but for new startups as well. We are as excited about small unique clothing ideas as we are for the big clothing brands around the world. We help them grow and create amazing identity.